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Individual Defence

The defence of individuals represents a significant part of our work as criminal defence lawyers.

As a defendant in criminal proceedings, you find yourself in a life situation marked by profound emotional and psychological stress, often with your reputation and your entire civil and professional existence at stake. In this situation, you first require an accurate assessment of an experienced criminal defence lawyer regarding the expected course and outcome of the proceedings in order to regain your sovereignty of action.

In the area of individual counsel, our clients include discerning private individuals, decision-makers in medium-sized companies, board members of banks, insurance providers and other large corporations as well as doctors, lawyers and civil servants.

Our specialisation in complex proceedings in commercial criminal law and criminal tax law notwithstanding, we are just as committed in the entire field of general criminal law and secondary criminal law.

The defence of individuals often requires knowledge and experience that reaches far beyond criminal law, as well as teamwork with other advisors.

This is because civil, labour or tax law issues often intersect with the criminal proceedings – these interdependencies and interactions need to be taken into account.

For instance, the “most favourable” abatement of action through payment of a fine (§ 153a StPO) turns out to be the opposite if the person concerned is no longer allowed to pursue their hobby of hunting due to the forfeiture of their firearms license.

As a defendant in criminal proceedings, you are dependent on an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can accurately assess the allegations in question and knows the best course for your effective defence in each individual case. This can, for example, be a written statement during the preliminary proceedings, personal contact between the defence lawyer and the investigating authorities for the purpose of a “plea bargain”, adopting a wait-and-see approach or – in rare cases – conducting a personal examination.

Both partners have many years of experience as criminal defence lawyers in all areas of commercial criminal law and tax law as well as general criminal law. We will take on your case quickly and with utmost professionalism, immediately present you with possible options for action and will develop the best possible defence strategy with you. The spectrum ranges from the “silent” and earliest possible termination of the proceedings, a determined defence before the courts of first instance, or appeal or revision.

We are – of course – here to represent your interests unilaterally. This, however, does not meant that we seek conflict with the criminal prosecution authorities as a matter of principal. On the contrary: we maintain a respectful tone with all law enforcement authorities and nevertheless fight for your rights with all our strength.