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Commercial Criminal Law and Tax Criminal Law

We are active in all areas of commercial criminal law and tax criminal law.

Typical proceedings in which we have extensive experience include the following charges:

  • Property offences (e.g. embezzlement, fraud)
  • Corruption offences (corruption / bribery in business dealings, § 299 StGB; corruption / bribery of public officials, § 331 ff. StGB)
  • Complex cross-border-proceedings involving investigating authorities from multiple states (see also the Global Defence Alliance)
  • Medical criminal law (e.g. “malpractice-proceedings”, “billing fraud” und corruption / bribery in the healthcare sector pursuant to §§ 299a/b StGB)
  • Insolvency offences (delayed filing for insolvency, bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Criminal tax law and customs offences (e.g. tax evasion, breach of customs regulations, smuggling)
  • Labour offences (violations of the Minimum Wage Act, Illegal Employment Act or the ban on employment of foreigners without work permits)
  • Capital market offences
  • Criminal accounting law (e.g. incorrect presentation pursuant to § 331 HGB, § 400 AktG)
  • Criminal competition law (e.g. unfair advertising pursuant to § 16 UWG, betrayal of business secrets pursuant to GeschGehG)
  • Criminal product liability
  • Foreign trade criminal law (e.g. violation of sanctions under the Foreign Trade and Payments Act)