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Pragal & Prinzenberg is a federally renowned law firm specialising in criminal law, commercial criminal law, tax law, counsel in compliance crises and preventive counselling.

This comprehensive expertise in criminal law is accompanied by in-depth knowledge related to commercial law, including trade law and corporate law.

Our clients include discerning private individuals, decision-makers in medium-sized companies, board members of banks, insurance providers and other large corporations as well as doctors, lawyers, civil servants and government agencies.

While attorney and specialist lawyer for criminal law Dr. Oliver Pragal has been exclusively engaged as defence counsel and counsellor in the field of criminal law since the beginning of his professional career in 2007, attorney Wolfgang Prinzenberg also boasts an extensive track record in trade law and corporate law (often with points of intersection with commercial criminal law) and as a business mediator in addition to decades of experience as a criminal defence lawyer.

These partly identical and partly complementary experiences ensure an extraordinarily high quality of counsel, particularly in complex situations.

We are happy to face the challenges of large complex proceedings or demanding compliance-related crises. At the same time, however, we maintain without exception that there is no such thing as a “small” mandate.

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