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Criminal defence

We are criminal defence lawyers – out of conviction for the rule of law and with our “heart and soul”.

We are active in all areas of criminal law, however we specialise in commercial and tax criminal law.

We defend both individuals and enterprises, particularly in complex proceedings against criminal charges, impending asset forfeiture or fines (e.g. pursuant to §§ 30, 130 of the German Administrative Offences Act – OWiG).

Commercial Criminal Law and Tax Criminal Law

We are active in all areas of commercial criminal law and tax criminal law. Typical proceedings in which we have ...
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Individual Defence

The defence of individuals represents a significant part of our work as criminal defence lawyers. As a defendant in criminal ...
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Corporate Defence

“Corporations cannot make themselves liable to prosecution” – this is a regularly voiced critique regarding the planned introduction of a ...
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For some years now, we have also been increasingly active in proceedings with cross-border implications (so-called “cross-border-investigations”), e.g. in investigations ...
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Global Defence Alliance

The Global Defence Alliance is an International Network of Defence Counsel. The Alliance was established by our partner Dr. Oliver ...
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