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Pragal & Prinzenberg have extensive experience in all aspects of compliance, namely overcoming compliance crises, risk management, accompanying internal investigations, conducting criminal due diligence audits, preventive counsel and AI compliance, i.e. the regulation of so-called “artificial intelligence” in its development and application.

Compliance crises

“Compliance crises are significant events for companies today. They can have a considerable negative impact on companies, their employees and ...
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Internal Investigations

„An internal investigation to clarify a possible compliance violation serves the company to internally resolve the compliance violation in order ...
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Criminal Due Diligence

The term “criminal due diligence” refers to the process of thorough examination and assessment of potential criminal law risks in ...
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Preventive Counselling

Due to the increasing flood of regulations and the steady expansion of criminal law standards, preventive criminal law counsel in ...
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AI Compliance

AI compliance refers to the adherence to rules, standards and regulations related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). ...
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