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Pragal & Prinzenberg is a federally renowned law firm specialising in criminal law, white collar cases, criminal tax law, counsel in compliance crises and preventive counselling.

This comprehensive expertise in criminal law is accompanied by in-depth knowledge related to commercial law, including trade law and corporate law.

Our clients include discerning private individuals, decision-makers in medium-sized companies, board members of banks, insurance providers and other large corporations as well as doctors, lawyers, civil servants and government agencies.

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Pragal & Prinzenberg


Criminal defence

We are criminal defence lawyers – out of conviction for the rule of law and with our “heart and soul”.

We are active in all areas of criminal law, however we specialise in commercial and tax criminal law.

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Pragal & Prinzenberg have extensive experience in all aspects of compliance, namely overcoming compliance crises, risk management, accompanying internal investigations, conducting criminal due diligence audits, preventive counsel and AI compliance, i.e. the regulation of so-called “artificial intelligence” in its development and application.

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representation of witnesses

We regularly represent witnesses in criminal or civil proceedings as “witness counsels” or act as counsellors in parliamentary committees of enquiry.

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Business Law

In addition to his work in commercial and criminal tax law, our partner Wolfgang Prinzenberg has also been active in business law (particularly commercial and corporate law) since 1982, which in many cases is just as important as criminal law itself when it regards matters of commercial criminal law. Furthermore, Mr. Prinzenberg is an experienced business mediator.

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No Liability for Cartel Fines on behalf of Directors and Officers (Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court)

The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (judgement of 27 July 2023 – VI-6 U 1/22) has …


Room for manoeuvre and risks in the distribution of dietary supplements via licensed panel physicians (5 February 2020)


Medical recommendation of dietary supplements not punishable under § 299a/b StGB (Hildesheim Regional Court)


Our blog is dedicated to topics relating to criminal defence, compliance and business law. We offer well-founded insights and up-to-date information for companies, lawyers and interested parties.

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